I am Max. I was created to do this job.

Commitment to Automation

Maximizing recovery can require significant investments, both in capital and operating expenditures. Recent market fluctuations have shown us that recycling is not always profitable. At BHS, our mission is to deliver industry leading knowledge, products, and projects that enable our customers to achieve superior financial results. There is significant demand to increase automation and performance of MRFs, and Max-AI® technology is the next step towards a completely automated sorting operation. Max-AI technology does things a human sorter cannot, including but not limited to unwavering speed, endurance, ‘focus’ and instantaneous decision making.

BHS equipment – whether that’s screen, air, optical or AI powered sorters – is all about results. We deliver industry leading throughput, uptime, recovery and purity rates at the lowest cost-per-ton possible. Max is the next leap forward, ready to make recycling more profitable for our customers while increasing diversion for our communities. The Autonomous QC is already able to sort more effectively and at a lower cost, paving the way for more profitable, impactful recycling.

Max-AI technology will eventually do things even the best plant operators can only dream of – imagine an operator with the ability to continuously analyze the material entering a MRF as well as the material throughout the sorting process, all the while making adjustments to optimize operations. Max-AI technology has the potential to accomplish real-time optimization and much more. As development continues, Max-AI technology will account for market information, including commodity prices and purity requirements, to make the ideal bale. Max will monitor material, performance and equipment settings to control equipment including robotic sorters, like the Autonomous QC or even changing conveyor speeds and screen angles. The possibilities of this technology are game changing; the BHS Max-AI® MRF represents a very exciting future for recycling.

Deliverable Benefit

Thanks to software updates and an intelligent neural network that adapts to ongoing changes in the variables it sees, Max delivers a long-term, “future-proof” solution to quality control and manual tasks.

Our Promise

Through reliable, cutting-edge technology, Max improves MRF productivity, reduces overhead and produces higher profits.

Expansion Capabilities

The ability to integrate Max throughout your waste processing system opens the potential to create an overarching brain capable of expanding labor-free automation and optimization.

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